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Scientific co-ordination

The overall aim of Workpackage 7 is to ensure successful completion of the OptiBIRTH project in full compliance with the EC Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement, using best-practice project-management tools. The Co-ordinator (TCD) is responsible for monitoring the scientific excellence of the RTD work packages and ensuring that the deliverables are produced on time, within budget, and to the required high quality standard.


1. To ensure that the project is planned and managed in an efficient, effective, and safe manner so that it achieves its objectives, milestones and key deliverables on time, to a high standard and within budget, in accordance with the EC Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement.

2. To monitor the progress of the project in accordance with the project schedule and deliverables, to identify and deal with risks, and to ensure that the project delivers the expected impacts.

3. To ensure ethical conduct and excellence in all aspects of the scientific research.