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International Breech Conference in Washington, DC


Breech Logo I am just back from the International Breech Conference in Washington, DC, and am enjoying sharing with some of you the up-to-date research and methods which were presented there.

A common theme was that multiple research studies since the TBT have indicated that good screening and monitoring (eg. average sized baby 2500g-3800g, not IUGR, frank or complete breech position, good progress in la bour, reassuring CTG and a shorter active second stage) results in significantly better outcomes than those presented in the Term Breech Trial.

Andrew Bisits FRANZCOG has been collecting data on breech births since participating in the TBT in 1999. In recent years, he has made a move to upright (birthing stool) deliveries for most breeches. He presented soon-to-be-published data on over 340 planned vaginal breech births, in which he needed to use forceps only once. In the PVB category there was one baby with transient HIE, 1 fractured clavicle, 1 fractured humorous and 1 transient Erb's palsy. In the CS category there was one case of HIE and one case of newborn sepsis. This is a much different picture than the TBT, which indicated that approximately 1 in 20 vaginally-born babies were at risk of an adverse outcome.


RANZCOG is currently looking at changing their guidelines. Here are two articles which may be of interest:



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Shawn Walker, RM
Breech Specialist Midwife
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